I seem to be collecting unpublished entries — there are currently 4 drafts sitting on the back-burner, and I can’t even recall when I created them. This is precisely what I’m referring to when I speak of commitment issues. Nevertheless, I find them largely insignificant now, so onwards I shall march…

Perhaps I lack dignity, or perhaps I possess fantastic taste — who knows, who cares — but I adore the show “Project Runway.” The sheer innovation of a select few of the contestants utterly amazes me, almost to a point where I feel motivated to create a complete outfit myself. Back in high school, my mom actually insisted, albeit only for a short period of time, that I work towards a career as a fashion designer. I had numerous sketchbooks overflowing with illustrations of evening gowns I would potentially design. There was one particular dress my mom claimed to be absolutely ingenious, and I treasured that sketch forever because a compliment from my mom only happens once in a blue moon.

… It’s been over 2 years since I touched those sketchbooks. The last time I tried to find them, the search was to no avail. It’s a pity, really… because, otherwise, I would have definitely tried making that particular dress for the Orange and White Ball. Alas, out go the old, in come the new.

Speaking of clothing, I’m enamored with Betsey Johnson’s line of dresses. Unfortunately, they’re rather expensive; thus, I’ve decided — if I had all the money in the world, I would buy all the Betsey Johnson dresses in the world. No… better yet, I’d buy Betsey Johnson herself. Yes, yes, that is a wonderful plan.

The whimsical nature of Austin’s weather as of late has gotten me thinking: How would I define a day of perfect weather? To which I’ve concluded — A bright, sunny morning with a thin, icing-like layer of cirrus clouds drifting steadily high up top and a conservative interspersal of cumulus clouds, a few thousand feet above ground, floating slowly across a light cerulean sky. The temperature is a degree at which a thin blazer can be worn comfortably over a sundress, where the light, refreshing breeze, carrying a lingering scent of freshly cut flowers, brushes the hem of the dress to cause a wave-like motion. The sun is radiant but not calescent, allowing a proper, floppy sun hat to be donned. A light shower commences during mid-afternoon, whereby the former light cerulean sky is now interlaced with laminae of dove-colored rain clouds behind which the sun hides bashfully. With the forthcoming sunset, altostratus clouds descend, providing the perfect polychromasia of vermilion, titian, and amber. The blanket of constellations can be admired flawlessly in the clear, night sky after the altostratus clouds subside and the chilly evening weather provides the perfect opportunity for such a rendezvous, coupled with a wool blanket and a cup of creamy hot chocolate.

The mere envision of such a day makes me realize one reason life is worthy of living.

…but for now, I must be one with the brilliantly wonderful show “Lost.”

Au revoir, little kiddies.


For anyone who finds shiny, falling objects entertaining —

There’s going to be a meteor shower tonight! The Earth’s orbit will be passing through the debris zone left by the Temple-Tuttle comet, producing the Leonid meteor shower. The peak hour should be around 10pm (my time, i.e. CT), and it should average roughly 15 stars per hour. Seeing as how the cold front has approached, it’s the perfect time for some hot chocolate and some stargazing on the pool deck for me! …note to self, buy hot chocolate after publishing entry.

To all those out there with a significant other, bring a blanket, each other, and savor the moment!

Famous meteor shower peaks tonight