*Note: The “About” (Révélé) page has been reconstructed to be more user-friendly, instead of the former, contrived approach that resembled more of an application essay for a nanny position than its original intendment.

I don’t know how else to put it — Life is different outside of the jail-like dormitory. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the company of my hall-mates; the atmosphere per se just felt suffocating. My new condo, however, is absolutely magnificent. We have a small garden in the front and a patio and creek in the back. There are even fireflies outside the front door at night!

Since I cannot fully describe the house in words, I decided to take some pictures of a few of the main rooms:

Living room   Upstairs to the bedrooms   Bar table

Breakfast/Dining room       Kitchen

There’s even a guest bedroom; hence, if anyone ever wants to visit, there’s a place (a very nicely furnished place) for you to stay!

Guest room

And here is my exceedingly eccentric roommate, “Krebs,” fashioning a beautiful white gown, i.e. her bed-sheet. It took some severe schmoozing on my part to convince her to wear it.

Krebs in her bed-gown

I think that’s enough pictures for one entry… Onwards to more pressing matters.

My societal perspective (up until recently) seemed to have never surpassed the bubble I had been residing in, my reality obscured by the suburban life I led whereby the only real homeless and severely deprived individuals I saw were from the passenger seat of my mother’s Benz ML350. All along, I believed I was commendable for merely feeling sympathetic for their situation and giving them a couple of dollars or buying them a meal; all along, I regarded them as nonentities who roamed the streets desperate for a cigarette or beer; all along, I cared for the wrong reasons.

Their lives truly are pitiful — so fixated on materials they abuse to escape the deplorable reality in which they’ve managed to land themselves and with no normal human being to share their tale because all the fast-paced, self-absorbed individuals walking through them are too obsessed with leading their sybaritic life and sustaining their haute monde facade to be seen engaging in a conversation with a filthy hobo.

Now that I live so far off campus, riding the Capitol Metro has become a daily wont. As such, I’ve seen my fair share of derelicts. I’ve seen them digging through the wastebin in hopes for a bus ticket that has not already expired. I’ve seen one individual who was so famished, every vein and every muscle could be clearly distinguished under his sun-scathed skin. Somehow, though, I have more respect for these people than most of the self-professed “accomplished” personages who occupy the same bus. There were the bus drivers who made snide remarks to the less well-dressed occupants of the cart (or oftentimes simply ignored them) but remained unbearably friendly with the soignee females. Then, there were the selfish glitterati in their refined suits who shamelessly placed their leather suitcases on the empty seat beside them, fully aware of the fact that an elderly couple just boarded the bus. Ironically, who always did give up their seats for others? The foul-smelling, rag-wearing individuals.

Last week, I came across another such incredulous scenario. A woman of about 35 began having a one-sided verbal contention with the bus driver for no apparent reason that went on for at least 10 minutes. When the hobo sitting next to me asked the woman to please stop fighting, the woman screamed back, “Don’t you dare talk to me! You’re a bum. I ain’t listening to you. I’m smarter than you and all your grandsons. At least I got a job, you dumb-ass bum.” As if that was not enough, 4 more started criticizing the “bum,” forcing him to ran off the bus at the next stop. Can these fools’ minds be any more distorted than they already are?

I am appalled by the current state of “elite” society. What makes you any better than the homeless man who can’t withdraw himself from his alcohol addiction? His lack of self-control is no worse than your lack of respect for others you deem to be unworthy, and your self-proclaimed superiority is equally as detestable.

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

And on that note, I must now depart for a quick breakfast and then onwards to the bus. Au revoir!