Almost a month has passed since my last entry, and it wasn’t even an actual entry. Apart from entertaining guests from the other side of the planet, studying for the DAT, OAT, and GRE, buying furniture for my new condo, meeting up with former high school friends, stuffing myself with food, and watching TV to temporarily escape reality, I haven’t been doing much else since summer school ended.

Whilst watching CNN a couple of nights ago, I noticed the grimace on each speaker’s visage while the hypercritical anchor castigated each and every one of them until she was blue in the face. Not only did these individuals appear to be afraid of her, the majority also proved to be inept in defending themselves. What is so outrageously intimidating about Nancy Grace?

The Nancy Grace Effect:

What amazes me the most is her ability to resist the natural desideratum to breath until her complete argument is put forth, and in what appears to be a double standard, she unreservedly unleashes her wrath if anyone dares interrupt her but holds no restraint in interrupting the counterparty’s commentary.

Above all else, though, I believe her appearance itself (especially her make-up) poses a drastic hindrance to the guests’ ability and/or willingness to deliver a compelling argument. Although expressions are devised by an amalgamation of all aspects of the face, the mien of the top half of the face procures a more indicative verbalization than that of the lower half alone. That being said, Nancy Grace’s make-up artist succeeded in creating an aggressive, domineering facade — Her eyebrows are drawn past their natural line and extended along her nose bridge for goodness sake.

Two pictures are presented below — One shows the original Nancy Grace picture whilst the other is photoshopped to show her softer side.

Original Nancy Grace Picture
Nice Nancy Grace

Fix the eyebrows, lighten the eyeshadow, reduce the dark circles below the eyes with more concealer, replace the black leather jacket with a flower-patterned blazer and she actually looks human!

The author’s not done yet — More fun was to be had. Meet baby Cherie and demon child:

        Baby CherieDemon Child

*Note: The author bodes no ill will against Nancy Grace; it’s actually quite refreshing to see a female digress from the cliched, feminine categorization of how a woman should behave.