What better way to end the last Physics Lab day than nerdy shenanigans with liquid nitrogen? The small laboratory floor was infested with shattered objects by the end of the day — Just to name a few: Grapes, flower petals, tree bark, chapstick, rubber ball shards, gummy bears… ‘Twas a fun day indeed!

I felt it was necessary to bring my camera with me so that I may divulge the wonders of science; hence, below are a few pictures and short clips of today’s hullabaloo. Enjoy!

Rubber ball

(Above) This originally elastic, bouncy, rubber ball is being prepped in liquid nitrogen for what lies ahead (below).

… so much for elastic, bouncy, rubber ball. I wonder if Wal-Mart will provide a refund? “This ball was, uh, defective.”


(Above) These were the plants/flowers in their initial states.


… and these (above) are their ash- and glass-like remains — Followed by (below) what we used to clean up the mess: More liquid nitrogen!

As follows are 2 pictures. One of which shows an ordinary balloon filled with air whilst the other presents the same balloon but shrunken in size from liquid nitrogen.

                     Balloon                Shrunken balloon

Now, last but certainly not least, resurrection of the orange balloon!

Unfortunately, the balloon popped and hence could not endure further beguilement, which warranted the “That’s sad” on my part.

Warning for the upcoming entry: A rant is in store regarding human generosity (or lack thereof), so please, get some good nights’ rest as prospective safeguard for thine eyes.