There’s no point in denying it. My heart starts racing, the world stands still, and I ponder where the object of my affection has been my entire life. I’m in love…

A magnificently sleek stature of which others only dream. The dexterity, the beauty, the ingenuity — All potentially under my subordination! But, mi amore, why must you cost $600?

No, my readers, I have not plunged into the licentious trade of a brothel, unfortunately. I’m simply in love with the recently (June 29th, specifically) launched Apple “revolutionary” phone — The iPhone. Though I’m sure the presence of imperfections are numerous, i.e. the public is deprived of certain features, I’m absolutely willing to overlook such miniscule components for the overall package. However, there is a qualm — The inability for one to exchange the phone’s SIM card. Alas, se a vida é.

I don’t want to seem fickle with my selection of phones, considering I had purchased a new Motorolla Razr V3 only recently, but — Oh! — the iPhone is so irresistibly appealing. A tour of the technical specifications can be accessed here if you care to watch. I’m such a tech nerd!

Apple iPhone

Ah, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as watching the fireworks from your bedroom window with the perfect view. I tried to catch some quick photographs of the polychromatic spectacular but my flailing arms only proffered inferior images. Oh well — Better than nothing.

“Epileptic Paradise”

The hospital visit yesterday was… interesting. More on the matter another day, though. I have an early rendezvous tomorrow morning to attend.

Au revoir until next time!