Yesterday and today have just about crippled both my physical and mental capacities, which warrants the following protestation: Public schools are discommodious, or at least their regulations are such. Before a student is able to take a certain class, said student must first complete an unreasonably lengthy list of prerequisites. That being said, my current academic schedule is beyond superfluous. I wake up by 7am for class and return back to the apartment at around 10pm (except Monday — 6pm — and Friday — 12:00pm), by which time I’m too exhausted to even make dinner for myself. Believe me when I say I’m not a masochist — I am not invoking such agony upon myself by preference, mind you. I blame the evil government.

Why am I taking 2 Microbiology courses? — Because the university states that the lab and the lecture course must be taken concurrently.
Why am I taking Microbiology? — Because it’s a prerequisite for other upper-division biology courses.
Why am I taking other upper-division biology courses? — Because they’re prerequisites for upper-division concentration courses, which are requirements for graduation.
Why can’t I take Microbiology another time? — Because the university is demolishing the Experimental Science Building next year.
Why am I taking 2 Physics courses? — Same answer as that for 2 Microbiology courses.
Why am I taking Physics? — Because I want to graduate.

…and that is vindication for my psychotic, erudite proceedings. Blame the government.

Other aspects of my life are equally as laughable. I received a forwarded e-mail from my dad yesterday morning. The e-mail originated from some random guy in England. Supposedly, he was a former childhood playmate of mine and the first guy I’ve ever kissed. Included in the confounded e-mail was a picture of himself.

I recall a few months ago his mother had called my parents (I was eavesdropping) and stated how perfect a daughter-in-law I would be and suggested I “get together” with her son. That induced 15-minutes of guffawing on my part. I can manage my own love life, thank you!

Still finding the situation to be a mere joke and unbelievably hysterical, I replied to my dad with the following:

‘Dad, what do you expect me to do with this e-mail? Contact him? You and mom are hilarious — I hope you two are not trying to play match-maker.’

Ah, the things that parents do! I am still chuckling on the inside.

Now on other matters — My beloved laptop. I thought that having spilt water on it three times was blunderous enough, but alas, I was dreadfully wrong. My poor laptop had to suffer through another faux pas of mine: I dropped it on marble flooring. The left corner of the LCD screen is now contorted, and multiple cracks can be seen on the back. At one point, the computer failed to turn on correctly. Lesson learned? — Make sure baggage is hung securely on the wall-hanger before going to the restroom.

And with that thought, I must now depart to be one with my bed.
Au revoir my little munchkins.