The past 2 weeks and a half have been frantic – Classes started, my health insurance company disowned me because they failed to tell me I’m supposed to fax them a full-time student certificate for every semester, moved into my friend’s condo, met up with friends before they left for vacation or summer school, went to the hospital, etc. etc. though not in that specific order.

Exactly two years ago, I experienced a medical problem that had my entire family fearing I developed cancer. A procedure was done to investigate the abnormality, and the doctor concluded that it shouldn’t be of anything to worry and sent me off with some prescription medications. The symptoms ceased the following week.

Unfortunately for me, the complications came back last month, and I refused to inform my parents of it because I didn’t want them blowing the situation out of proportion, much like they did the last time, but the symptoms worsened within half a month. Which brings me to a question – Do you think that perhaps the body, given that it is separate from the mind, can understand the mind’s thoughts and, thereby, respond by taking a certain course of action? It’s an elusive argument because you can’t execute an unquestionable experiment to assess the conjecture, but I inquire on such a vexing lemma because after the thought – Perhaps I should see a doctor again – crossed my mind, the symptoms intermitted the following day, as if my body was responding – Hell no, I’m not going to be given sedatives and undergoing that procedure again. Alas, I was reprimanded and a hospital visit was imposed upon me last Tuesday, and the procedure is scheduled to proceed on the 29th of this month, granted that the people working at my health insurance company acquire some brains.

The condo I’m staying at for the summer is moderately comfortable. The only qualm I have of the conditions is the person with whom I live. She’s a dear friend of mine; however, I have yet to see such a degree of domestic incompetence in the past 20 ½ years of my life. Perhaps her ineptitude at such chores is borne of her periodically insurmountable laziness or merely apathy (she is a business major, after all). I haven’t identified the definite cause, yet.

Being here, I feel like a motherly figure again, something from which I’ve been meaning to stray away simply because I want to enjoy my youth while I can still manage to move around without hearing my hip crack. I worry about her ability to take care of herself in the future, but I can’t help but break out in laughter every time the thought that one of these days, she will have to manage everything herself crosses my mind. Unless, of course, she finds an uxorious partner.

Two days ago, I asked her to toss the salad and she managed to “toss” some of the salad onto the floor. Yesterday, I went out to dinner with family friends, and she ended up having half a cucumber for dinner. Fortunately, I was perceptive enough to order an extra rainbow trout entrée and took it back for her. The poor child – Half a cucumber for goodness sake! Today, she wanted to make oatmeal for me, which resulted in an explosion of soymilk-soaked oatmeal in the microwave and then asked me how to come about cleaning it. Watching Wendy commit domestic blunders anon is a laugh and a half; she never ceases to humor me — This is definitely going to be an interesting 2 months.

Ah, it’s nearing 2am, and 8 hours of classes tomorrow to look forward. I best get some sleep.

Until next time, my little munchkins.