I’ve been rather laggard in the blogging department as of late simply because I haven’t the time to sit in front of my laptop like the couch potato that most of us truly are behind that thick layer of vivacious disguise.

There’s been a deluge in Houston for the past couple of days. Ok, maybe deluge is a slight exaggeration. Nonetheless, I haven’t seen the sun in almost a week and am beginning to miss that recalescent, titian orb.

… I actually had a better topic to discuss, but some music and a good book seem more adequately satisfying than demoralizing the male gender per observations from these past few days. The main objective of this short entry was purely to inform — I’m not dead, my vigilant readers who don’t like to leave comments; my brain has merely been momentarily preoccupied. So stay tuned for new entries will be arriving posthaste!