* Random acknowledgement: It seems so much easier to write about my life than on observations and psychoanalyzations of the environment around me, which was what my previous blog site used to be based on. Memory of that superannuated website, though, warrants today’s entry.

People — Rather broad subject you might think, what could she possibly be thinking? Well, recently, I’ve noticed that people can be placed into a variety of categories pertaining to their social/public behavior. Other than your ordinary, stereotypical categorization (e.g. blondes, nerds, goths, jocks, etc.); there’s a greater scheme.

Recently, one of my older friends finally opened up her grocery store, located in some random corner in town that I doubt I’ll ever be able to find again. Everyone gathered in this newly furbished, crowded store to take advantage of the “Opening Day: Half Price on everything along with free Gifts if you exceed $50 in purchases.” Unfortunately, there were only 2 cash registers; and what made it worse, only one of the registers was attached to a scale, making it impossible to accept credit cards on the other. And might I add, people need to learn to read prior to going shopping… When the sign says “Cash only” it means CASH ONLY.

Being as hectic as it was, I volunteered to help at one of the booths. Throughout the course of the day, not only was I yelled at by the customers for the cash register’s inability to accept credit cards, but I was also reprimanded for people cutting in line. I’m sorry I don’t have a cattle prod to herd all these inconsiderate whiners around? But, there were people there who understood and were considerate of how chaotic the situation was (with only 4 people working and a non-ending line of customers); not to mention some of the items were accidentally not price-tagged, and hence, a third line of people waiting to inquire on the amount of their items formulated.

The store opened at 10am and the lines still hadn’t died down by 1pm, the four of us all working without having had breakfast nor lunch, except these other 3 people were getting paid for taking crap from these insensitive shoppers, in which case I will say: THE CUSTOMER IS *NOT* ALWAYS RIGHT.

Come 1:30pm everyone was exhausted; the customers, irriated. So, inevitably, a fight took place. Here is where I state how I have come to characterize people given these types of situations.

  • The belligerent type
  • The complainers
  • The type of people who mutter under their breath
  • The shy ones
  • Those who are courteous and learn to suck it up


Whilst in the middle of placing a shopper’s items into grocery bags, I hear screaming and look up. Initially, I thought it was just a typical argument between 2 people, but then I saw fists flying in the air. The raison d’etre behind this brawl? Person #2 cut infront of person #1 in the check-out line. Surprisingly, I actually felt sorry for the guy who let his anger and frustration get the better of him to lead him to physically abuse the other person for having jumped in line. Not only did this man embarrass himself AND his wife infront of a crowd of spectators, but he also has to drive home with his wife bickering from the passenger seat, criticizing him for having handled the situation in such a barbaric manner.

People characteristic of person #1 have serotonin and dopamine inbalances, making it hard for them to control their emotions… but that doesn’t mean they can’t!


Moving up the ladder, we have the people who whine to 1) attract attention and/or 2) make others see how much they’re suffering- looking for sympathy, empathy, or whatever the hell they can get. Unable to understand that *everyone* had been waiting in line for eternity and that we were trying our best to speed the process up so the shoppers are able to return home quickly, these select few still consistantly inundate the staff with a plethora of insults and complaints even after every one of us apologized for the inconvenience.

It sounded something like this:
“Why is this so f-ing slow! I need to hurry home, can’t you people speed up the process?! You want me to die of old age from waiting or what?!”
‘I’m sorry sir, we’re trying our best; but as you can tell, it’s opening day and everything is extremely hectic.’
“I know it’s opening day, I understand that.. BUT I NEED TO GET HOME!”

It seems as if these people see themselves as the sole ruler of the universe. Everything has to go their way, else, it’s time to pile a barrage of criticisms until their every need is met.

Muttering Fools:

Now, when I say fool, I don’t mean to ridicule this type of people. They are only foolish in that they *think* you can’t hear them muttering under their breath when, in reality, the counterparty can hear every word, usually whilst laughing on the inside.

As the next group of customers approached the check-out booth, I was ready to receive some more verbal bashings. Two sisters stepped up to my register and with beaming smiles said, “You guys must be tired as hell! Definitely deserve a break, very busy day today.” At this point, I was extremely relieved that there are still people out there who aren’t so self-absorbed and constantly looking for self-satisfaction and self-justification. After some silence, they started talking again, except this time it wasn’t directed at me; oh yes, they were muttering… “Can’t believe they’re so slow, taking forever.”
“They need to hire better workers, see how slow she’s putting my food in? And why do I need 2 bags for one bottle of sauce? She’s just trying to waste our time.”
“I shouldn’t be required to pay for this kind of service.”

Why must people put on a façade? Backstabbing isn’t any better than blatantly telling the harsh truth or spitting out insults. And just for the record, I chose to *slowly* put her *glass* bottle of sauce in *2* bags so she wouldn’t have the hassle of having to clean everything up in case she dropped the sauce and the bottle shatters.

Timid Individuals:

This category is pretty much self-explanatory. Although they are not entirely satisfied with how a situation is handled or degree to which it is handled (i.e. effectiveness, efficiency, competence), they are unable to take any action. Not only that, I had also noticed that those who are shy don’t have the ability to defend themselves. Unlike the belligerent fellow, timid individuals don’t stand up for themselves when someone cuts infront of them in line. I am not saying that fighting someone else for your rightful place is the humanitarian thing to do in situations such as these, I am merely stating that although it is obvious some people who are extremely timid feel adamantly about something, they refuse to make their ideas/beliefs heard.

Courteous and Considerate Personages:

This group of people is extremely hard to find… but when you do, make sure you befriend them and keep in touch because in all likelihood, you won’t find another. In a world where 99% of the popluation believe that the “good guys always finish last,” very few actually stop to consider someone else’s feelings and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

From 10am till 3pm I worked in this little store; and repeatedly, I was put down by these self-centered and ungrateful shoppers. But, every once in awhile, I’d receive an appreciative thank-you from a customer. No, not a “thank-you for getting paid to do this,” not an automated “thanks for putting my stuff in a bag,” and definitely not a “thanks a lot, now I’m going to be late for my doctor’s appointment,” instead… a thank-you for being there. Who would have the dignity, patience, and motivation to resume working if all he or she gets are insults anyway? Do you derive satisfaction through others misery? I certainly hope not.

These people made my day — Learn from them.