Recently, I’ve realized that all I’ve posted on my blog are excerpts from random articles I found whilst surfing the internet, and that is simply unacceptable. I figured I should become a little more personal. So here you are:

– Soy Milk

– Caesar salad
– Steak with pasta and green beans on the side
– Chicken noodle soup
– Hashbrowns
– Strawberry shortcake

– Peanut butter sandwich
– Beef jerky
– Sour Starburst chews

I’ve long since realized that my eating habits are (How should I put it?) atrocious. Although I feel pleasantly full and satisfied after every meal, it’s definitely not good for my health — Stuffing my face is certainly not the key to longevity by anyone’s book. Henceforth, starting from tomorrow, I shall limit the amount of snacking I used to allow myself.

Other aspects of my life are equally as galling. Due to my excessive workload, I have to attend classes year-round in order to graduate within 4 years. I’m not, in the slightest sense, looking forward to classes this summer — 9am till 10pm, Monday through Friday, with no breaks but one between 2 and 3 pm. Needless to say, I’ll be a walking zombie on campus — Everyone feel free to bring cameras and take pictures of this living spectacle. Living conditions, additionally, are still unsettled for this summer. My condominium for the upcoming fall semester is still being remodelled, which won’t be completed until July rolls around, and I failed to apply for campus housing because I refuse to pay exorbitant prices for a room that resembles a jail cell at best. But no matter, I trust that all the pieces will fall into place (with slight adjustments with a hammer and chisel by my part) when the time comes.

A recent, spontaneous hunger for knowledge has imbued me. I don’t know whence it came but it leaves me disappointed at times. All those years I spent bumming around I could have spent wisely accomplishing something productive. I now yearn for trivial information, historical facts, classical mythology, significant figures, computer programming, foreign languages, cultural traits, etc. but simply don’t have the time or energy to imbibe all that. I suppose it’s a luxury in which I will relish after I retire.

Alas, that is enough for today. ‘Til next time, my little munchkins.