Today was another long day… Well, the latter half of the day was long– and interesting. Prior to leaving for my biology class from my dorm, I look out the window to inspect the weather– grey and cloudy, likelihood of rain: 80%. I had a feeling it was going to rain, yet, I decided not to take my umbrella, and instead of wearing my hooded jacket, I put on my $250 leather jacket for the sole purpose of matching my shoes. Mistake #1. 

It wasn’t raining as I was walking to my bio class but by the time class was over, it was drizzling outside, and lucky us, the UT campus is filled with towering trees. So, I’m standing under a tree waiting for the cars to go by, and the wind blows… sending all the rain droplets that had been collecting on the leaves onto me. Mistake #2.

Fun day thus far.  

After biology class, I walk back to my dorm to change outfits for my 3:30pm interview with Mr.Miller. This time I was intuitive and brought an umbrella with me (although it had already stopped raining). Interesting enough, I seemed to have walked faster this time than the last, so I was 25 minutes early for my scheduled interview, which isn’t a completely bad thing, I guess. 

After about an hour of interrogation, I leave the office building to go back to Kinsolving– this time, it was pouring outside, yes, pouring. You know when you watch a TV show or a movie, the producer always uses that soaking scene?– Rainy weather, person walking on sidewalk, car passing by drives over a ditch overflowing with water, water flies everywhere and person walking gets soaked from head to toe. I always thought that highly trite scene was rather lame, but, today, I got to experience first-hand what it is like to be soaked from head to toe in a business suit by a careless driver in a speeding car– it was cold… and wet. Mistake #3. 

As I was walking across Guadalupe Street, a man comes up to me asking for directions to Starbucks. Naturally, I direct him to where it is, oblivious to the fact that we were standing in the middle of the road. By the time the man left and I was ready to proceed on with my route back to my dorm, the traffic light had already turned green, so, I almost got run over by a teenager driving a red truck. Mistake #4. 

Still an interesting day thus far. Now I’m walking down Whitis Avenue and notice that a lot of people don’t have umbrellas. Since I’m already completely wet, I run to the girl walking ahead of me and I ask, “Hi, you don’t know me but do you need an umbrella?” But her answer slightly threw my good intentions off, “It’s ok, I’m enjoying the rain.” Unsure of how to react, my automated response comes on, “Are you sure?” To which she then replies with, “Yeah, I like the rain.” Should’ve known not to ask someone who was extending her arms out and tilting her head up towards the sky if she needed an umbrella or not… 

Making my way to Dean Keeton Street and waiting for the walking white dude signal to flash on, I look to my right and spot another deprived person lacking an umbrella, and this time, the person didn’t look like she enjoyed having the rain pour on her. So, I figured I’d give my extended helping hand another shot; she accepted to share the umbrella with me. It’s interesting, before asking her if she needed an umbrella, the weather was practically a deluge; after asking and having walked only 5 steps, the rain suddenly stopped. 

Oh yeah, since I forgot to mention… I passed the interview today with flying colors; in other words, I got the intern position. Our first meeting’s on Saturday, Feb. 25th at the Omni Austin Downtown Hotel at 7am. Lovely. 

(Originally Posted 2/1/06)