I just came back from my interview, and I’ll talk about how it went later, but let me first describe what happened prior to my interview.  My biology class ends at 2pm and my scheduled meeting with the VP is at 3pm. In addition to that, I don’t have a car currently; hence, I have to walk to the VP’s office, which isn’t located on campus. You can imagine how much of a hurry I was in when I got back to my dorm because, to me, 3pm actually means I have to be there by 2:50pm– it’s better to be early than late.  

So, I put on my navy blue suit, blouse, unmatching brown shoes and run out the door. As I was walking towards the office I encounter two… actually, I don’t even know what to call them, so I’ll just say bums. They didn’t look to be much older than your typical college student, around 20. The more daring of the two men comes up to me and asks, “You have any spare change so I can buy a beer or if you don’t, can I get laid?”  I found the incident rather hilarious, just in how perfectly it portrays our unkempt society today. So I shouted back, “Sorry honey, you’re going to have to find yourself another girl.”It’s rather disheartening though for the female population to have random people label you as a sex icon/symbol just because you’re a woman. I mean, it’s funny in some situations whereas in others, it’s just flat-out insulting. Maybe some women like to get this kind of attention, but I personally prefer not to be viewed as some kind of toy or possession from which men reap sexual pleasure.  

Now, moving on to my interview… I honestly am NOT sure how it went; it seemed ‘okay,’ I guess? Mine actually took a lot longer than did the person who went before me, or maybe it’s because I asked him so many questions. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The VP also asked me to call him on Friday at 6:25pm and have a 10-minute “phone interview.” I don’t know if he asked everyone for a phone interview or only a select few; I guess I’ll call Kyle and ask him. Hopefully, I’ll get a call back after Friday for a 2nd formal interview, but for the time being… I have to start reading government and finish my Chem homework before I go to my AHPO meeting tonight (free pizza night wh00t!).

Oh yeah! It was definitely fun standing out in the crowd today with everyone else wearing sweaters, t-shirts, and sweatpants but wearing a suit myself. I got a couple of weird glances but that’s OK! I’ve also recently developed a strong liking for guys in black leather jackets, don’t really know why; maybe because I think it’s chic…?

(Originally Posted 1/25/06)