So I went to the interview today with Kyle (the recruiter), and it actually ended up being a casual group meeting consisting of 3 other potential interns. Anyway, we went to a coffee shop (the 5 of us) and Kyle proceeded to ask each person questions to get to know us and to test our knowledge of businesses (I hate economics). About half an hour of this “meeting” Kyle goes around the circle and asks each person their phone number. The first person, he asked for her name and phone number, and she leaves; second person, his name and phone number, he leaves; third, his name, phone number, and e-mail address, he leaves. Then there were 2… I sat there wondering why the hell I wasn’t allowed to leave yet, did he forget my name *already*?

He then turns to me and says, “I really liked the responses you gave for my questions and I think you have potential, so I’m going to keep you here a little while longer and ask you some more questions because I want to schedule an interview for you with the Vice President of the company.” (He laughed when I told him my mom likes to call me lazy.)

Hence, I have an interview tomorrow with the V.P. at 3pm, and I need to dress “professionally.” Strangely enough, I brought one of my suits with me to UT in case I ever needed it for some special occasion. So… I have a suit and blouse… I just need shoes! The only shoes I brought to UT were tennis shoes, 2 flip-flops, leather boots, and 2 pairs of *brown* high heels– my suit’s blue. Grrrrr.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

(Originally Posted 1/24/06)