I know I promised I’d post an entry about my Las Vegas vacation but, eh, I no longer feel like it because the size of the entry would be overwhelming — meaning it would take short-attention spanned people a millennia to finish reading, given you finish reading it at all. But, if you care to know, just ask and I’ll be sure to provide you an in-depth narration of my not-so-ordinary Winter Break. 

Before I move on to today’s actual topic though, I would just like to reiterate how absolutely annoying it is that practically every single restaurant in Las Vegas is directly connected to a casino or that you literally have to plow through the colossal hoard of gamblers surrounding what seems to be a steel box with shiny lights and a knob sticking out of it just to get to the elevators that lead to your hotel room. It’s intriguing how the main entrance to a Hotel is not actually a check-in/check-out booth, but a line of ATMs, women wearing short skirts carrying trays of empty beer bottles, 1000’s of slot machines/felted tables, cigar smoke so thick you can cut it with a knife, and desperate men and women with bloodshot eyes. This must be how they attract gamblers. Humans of mediocre intellect have always been easily amused and drawn to these shimmering lights in hope that they’ll eventually win the jackpot and be a millionaire. So while walking to a restaurant inside a hotel and encountering these slot machines a person decides, “Hey, why not try a hand at these and see what happens.” *5 hours later* “Oh @#$%, I have no money left for dinner.”

Here’s an analogy for all you former SAT takers– GAMBLER:CASINO::DRUGGY:METH   Also, the male population in Las Vegas is pathetic. I would be walking down a street and these guys would just keep staring. It’s like they’ve never seen a female before. Yes, I’m a girl and no, I will not sleep with you for a dollar SO BACK OFF. The shows in Las Vegas were great though, ranging from Magic by Rick Thomas to the presentation of “O” by Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio (to which none of these I have pictures because cameras were not allowed); and the food? Scrumptious… I miss lobster tails dipped in butter *Sigh*  

Ok, back to reality and today’s subject matter:bHouston.

Lately, there have been a shocking number of homicides — 10 in total, and in my opinion, that’s 10 too many — in Houston as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane evacuees flooded (no pun intended) to Houston to escape from this terrible storm; and lacking in food, clothing, and shelter, these victims will do anything to satiate their needs, including murder. A majority of these people are from New Orleans, a city that had one of the highest U.S. murder rates for years. I’m not going to go into full detail about the matter, but this is just a cautionary warning to all Houstonians… Please Be Careful. These 10 homicides happened to 10 innocent victims; DO NOT let yourself be the next victim.  

Another Houston topic: Drugs.

Call me ignorant and naïve but I never actually thought Houston would be a city tainted with drugs and drug dealers. Two days ago, a man was shot in the head at a Texaco gas station after, what the police call, “a drug deal gone bad.” Luckily, a police officer was right next door at a KFC fastfood restaurant.

I don’t want to live in Houston anymore, but then again, there practically isn’t a city on the entire planet that isn’t corrupt. Maybe I’m stupid to even think about it, but does anyone ever imagine what life would be like if there wasn’t so much criminality, malevolence, and indecency in the world? To be able to go frolicking in a field filled with flowers without fearing that some perverted rapist is waiting for you behind a White Lilac bush.  

Now, in other news… Family dog problem.

While my family was on our Winter Vacation in Las Vegas, we left our dog Lucky in my mom’s friend’s care. This family has 4 dogs, 3 male and 1 female, which is the same breed as ours. Lucky found himself a suitable girlfriend at last =) Then came a couple of days later… The owners left the house for work, leaving their 4 dogs out to run about in the house and my dog in his cage. When they returned to their house, they found their treasured female Pomeranian slain. It seems that one of their other 3 dogs had been fighting with the female and attacked her around the neck area; Lucky’s girlfriend bled to death. My dog has been bummed ever since; all he does everyday is lay on the carpet and stare vacantly into space.

A few days ago my mom approached me and asked if it was ok to give Lucky away. Initially, I thought it was another one of her practical pranks because my mom always jokes about giving our dog away when he decides to leave us little presents to clean up around the house; hence, I replied with, ‘Ah, getting sick of taking care of and cleaning after him again? Who wants him?’

“No one said they wanted him; I just feel extremely guilty for the loss of that family’s dog. If we hadn’t asked them to take care of Lucky while we were on vacation, their dog would have never died… The other dogs were probably jealous and attacked the female, and our stupid dog couldn’t even protect his own damn girlfriend! What kind of a boyfriend is he?!”
‘Mom, he was locked up in his cage… what did you expect him to do? Magically grow fingers and open the cage himself then attack the 3 other dogs 4 times as big as him? He probably would have died himself.’
“But at least then he would have died for love!” 
So my mom walks out of the room mumbling, “Stupid Lucky who can’t even take care of his own girlfriend.”  

Evidently, I never agreed to give our dog away and neither did my dad; it’s not the solution to anything, presenting him as the animal of sacrifice. Furthermore, who knows what the dogs can do to Lucky? They killed a 5-year playmate; they’ll tear my dog to shreds in seconds. I do feel remorse for the family though; it’s true, if my dog hadn’t been sent to their house in the first place, all this wouldn’t have happened, but I don’t believe giving my dog to them helps in any way. Sure, he’ll serve as a replacement but he’ll never be able to take the place of their former dog in their hearts, as cliché as that may sound. Instead of helping them move on, giving them my dog would only bring back the memory of losing their other dog. Hence, we’ve decided to invite the other family to a nice restaurant of their choosing on Saturday and just have a good time. Hope it’s the appropriate action to take…  

(Originally Posted 1/13/06)