Our RA likes to make everyone name tags to post on our doors, and the appearance of these name tags depends on the season/holiday, e.g. during halloween we had black and orange cards with our names written on them; for fall, sheet of construction paper with glued-on leaves; and now winter, white cardboard snowflakes.

Yesterday (Monday), our RA went around the halls taking off everyone’s old name tags (the halloween and fall ones) and placing the new winter snowflakes on. Couple of hours later, I left my room to go take a shower and notice that my door is unusually bare; it looked like one of those steel, super-secure cell doors that serve for the sole purpose of keeping the mentally insane inside their cushioned room. I look to my left and right and every door, besides the one across from Jenn and my room, had decorated snowflakes with the occupants’ names attached to it.

Just because Jenn and I didn’t attend 2 of her highly pointless and time-consuming hall meetings doesn’t mean she has to hate us for it. So, I go take my shower, come back, and prepare to make my *own* snowflakes. I ask Jenn for 2 pieces of white printer paper then dig around my drawer for my previous 2 calculus exam left-over scratch paper- 2 sheets of pink and 2 sheets of green. While I sit on my bed cutting snowflakes and watching Miss Seventeen (don’t ask) on MTV, I have Jenn on the other side of the room telling me that I shouldn’t make snowflakes because 1) I’m going to make our RA feel bad for forgetting to make us them and 2) I should be studying for tomorrow’s calculus exam. Answers: 1) Like I care if she feels bad or not. I mean, if she was a more approachable RA and one who was more dedicated towards helping us instead of putting all her effort in making herself look good infront of her superiors, then yes, maybe I would care. And not only that, I fail to see how she could have particularly “missed” our door when everyone else’s door around ours have been decorated. Needless to say, I am *not* going to take this slap in the face by simply biting my lip and sucking it up. 2) Unlike my roommate who proceeds to temporarily alleviate her stress by screaming into a pillow, I prefer to occupy myself with something I enjoy and something that doesn’t harm my vocal cords, until I feel I am capable of handling cramming a bunch of worthwhile crap in my brain again.

It’s funny though, 10 minutes after I taped the snowflakes to our door, our RA came and stuck her 2 fugly snowflakes on also, in which case Jenn yelled, “See! You shouldn’t have made those snowflakes, now she feels bad!” Same statement, same answer- LIKE I CARE. After all, she should feel bad for 1) purposely refusing to make us name tags initially and 2) mine looking so much better than hers; not my fault she lacks creativity. I do find it strange though, the snowflakes our RA made for us are still drastically different from everyone else’s… ours are simply 2 cardboard squares, whereas everyone else’s actually somewhat resemble a snowflake.

(Originally Posted 12/6/2005)