Although I’ve been well aware of this for a long time, the issue has only recently hit me: Human Beings Have Mental Problems, Period. I was reading the news a couple of days ago and I don’t know where people get the idea that killing Saddam Hussein’s defence attorney will in any way benefit them. Sure, now Saddam no longer has a lawyer to defend him in court but he could always get another one; although, an argument stating that no one would have enough courage to help Saddam now that 3 of his attorneys are down- two dead, the other wounded- could be made.

But for the sake of humanity, how could anyone be so narrow-minded and stupid enough as to pull such a stunt? I understand that many people feel adamantly about this whole Saddam Hussein situation but what did the lawyers ever do to you? Besides being manipulative liars, which I admit isn’t completely moral, these attorneys haven’t done anything deserving of death. They’re merely doing their job- defending the person who hires them. They weren’t the ones devising terrorist attack plans and killing civilians. How can anyone be so ignorant and blind as to not understand that simple fact?! I accordingly withdraw my statement about ignorance being bliss, such foolish acts are just pathetically preposterous.

Since when did murdering a murderer’s attorney justify the crime in the first place? You’re putting the man on trial because he committed a crime, but aren’t you yourself committing a crime also by killing his lawyers? It’s interesting how people can completely lose sight and become oblivious to any logical reasoning/thinking when they’re vehemently absorbed in a belief/topic/stance. Let me give you an example, which may help you understand better. I present to you my friend “Sally”:

“Sally’s” from Korea and is extremely proud of her nationality. *Everything* about her country is GOOD, *nothing* is BAD. Like everyone else, we university students need to wash our clothes on a regular basis.

I’m standing in the laundry room separating my dark-colored articles of clothing from the light-colored ones, and “Sally” gives me the “you crazy person, what are you doing” look. Like everyone else knows, you separate the colors so that the colors don’t blend and stain your clothes (which I have learned the hard way back in 5th grade when I turned my favorite khaki pants into a zebra pink). And instead of logically understanding that, “Sally” decides to fire back at my claim by saying, “Oh, all my clothes are from Korea, and Korean clothes are good, the colors never fall out.”

Initially, I actually fell for it, because many rather prestigious clothing factories do use better quality dyes and more innovative fabric-dying procedures, making the color last longer and less likely to wear/wash out. But then it got more outrageous. You’re *not* supposed to turn the knob to “hot” when you have 100% cotton clothing in the washer- they shrink like none other (another thing I learned the hard way after I washed my newly purchased Junior Mints shirt, which shrank to a size so small I was left with only the option to give it to my younger sister). And to this postulation I was rebutted with, “Korean cotton is the best, my clothes never shrink, unlike stupid American material. You should buy your clothes from Korea also, then your clothes won’t shrink either.”

It’s obvious that her pride for her country is shielding her from seeing the true facts of the matter. Whether Korean or not, it’s still cotton, which shrinks in any case (Dr., now is your chance to refute me once again; you’re the person who’s into Haute Couture. Maybe there’s some magical, expensive cotton that never shrinks I’ve never heard of).

The point is, human beings can be so engrossed in what they believe is moral, right, and/or justified that they become completely blind and negligent to any differing ideas that in the slightest disagree with what they believe is the ultimate truth.

For all you idiotic little people out there who were or still are cheering that the gunman accomplished such a deed… I pity you. Your bigoted and dogmatic approach to viewing such a situation is despicable and in dire need of psychiatric counselling.

Originally Posted 11/11/05)